Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspired Look Ideas

Hello you all! So some of you know that I do have a youtube channel here I do makeup and other reviews on etsy. If not than here is my youtube channel! Yayy! So their are lots of people on youtube that do makeup turtorials, well they do their looks on something that either inspired them or what charators or movies people would like them to do looks about. Well now since my shop NemesisCollection has opened up, Ive done turtorials for basis beginners looks and just show off colors more than an actual look. So now I would like to take up some offers or ideas on what to do! So you can either commet here or comment on my facebook page or the Facebook Fanpage to give me your ideas!

Some Ideas that I have come up with are:
Disney Movie Cars - Do a eye turtorial for each car on the movie.
Desserts - Do inspired eyes on americas favorites dessert!
Pirates Movie Series - Do four looks of the movie Pirates Of The Carribean from their movie titles.

So far thats it! lol I want to do something totally different and not trying to copy anyone. So please jot down some ideas and swing them on by me! =)

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