Sunday, June 5, 2011

Limited Edition Sunset Set

Now available! NemesisCollection Sunset Set is now available to purshace! Only two lucky customers will be able to get this item while it last! These colors will not be made individual and the only way to get the color is buying the set! =P Set cost $35.00, not including shipping! Hurry while you can get it! Here is the Link. If you click on "Link" and you do not see the item available then you where to late. Better luck next time on a new set that will be out! =D

Here are some photos of the set!
From top to bottom, from left to
right! Shimmer Silver Red Dark,
Shimmer Light Blue, Shimmer
Peach, Shimmer Orange, Matted
Grey, and Shimmer Golden Silver!

 And here is a photo of the
swatches! From top to bottom
colors are Matted Grey,
Shimmer Golden Silver, Shimmer
Orange, Shimmer Peach,
Shimmer Silver Red Dark,
and Shimmer Light Blue!

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