Sunday, June 5, 2011

Limited Edition Sunset Set

Now available! NemesisCollection Sunset Set is now available to purshace! Only two lucky customers will be able to get this item while it last! These colors will not be made individual and the only way to get the color is buying the set! =P Set cost $35.00, not including shipping! Hurry while you can get it! Here is the Link. If you click on "Link" and you do not see the item available then you where to late. Better luck next time on a new set that will be out! =D

Here are some photos of the set!
From top to bottom, from left to
right! Shimmer Silver Red Dark,
Shimmer Light Blue, Shimmer
Peach, Shimmer Orange, Matted
Grey, and Shimmer Golden Silver!

 And here is a photo of the
swatches! From top to bottom
colors are Matted Grey,
Shimmer Golden Silver, Shimmer
Orange, Shimmer Peach,
Shimmer Silver Red Dark,
and Shimmer Light Blue!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspired Look Ideas

Hello you all! So some of you know that I do have a youtube channel here I do makeup and other reviews on etsy. If not than here is my youtube channel! Yayy! So their are lots of people on youtube that do makeup turtorials, well they do their looks on something that either inspired them or what charators or movies people would like them to do looks about. Well now since my shop NemesisCollection has opened up, Ive done turtorials for basis beginners looks and just show off colors more than an actual look. So now I would like to take up some offers or ideas on what to do! So you can either commet here or comment on my facebook page or the Facebook Fanpage to give me your ideas!

Some Ideas that I have come up with are:
Disney Movie Cars - Do a eye turtorial for each car on the movie.
Desserts - Do inspired eyes on americas favorites dessert!
Pirates Movie Series - Do four looks of the movie Pirates Of The Carribean from their movie titles.

So far thats it! lol I want to do something totally different and not trying to copy anyone. So please jot down some ideas and swing them on by me! =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Did you Know? 0.o (About Pigments Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Lip Tint, Lip Plumper, Nail Polish)

Of course you all know that NemesisCollection sells mineral eyeshadow pigments, BUT did you know that you can use them also as a eyeliner, eyebrow liner, lip tint, lip plumper, and nail polish? Well you can!

Step 1: Pour or scoop a little bit of pigment onto  the lid of your jar.
Step 2: Get a eyeliner brush or a thin brush to apply the color
Step 3: Wet the tip of the brush, but keep it damp, not soaking.
Step 4: Dip the wet tip brush into your pigment you scooped out in the lid
Step 5: Apply!
Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 until you are done eyelining your eyes!
Step 7: Once you are done wash lid out so you dont have any batricia growing and so that your pigment doesnt become "Gross."

How to apply for a Eyebrow Liner:
Step 1: Pour or scoop a little bit of pigment onto  the lid of your jar.
Step 2: Get a pencil brush or a thin brush you like so you can apply the color
Step 3: Wet the tip of the brush, but keep it damp, not soaking.
Step 4: Dip the wet tip brush into your pigment you scooped out in the lid (NOTE: Pigments become darker when they are applyed wet.)
Step 5: Apply and shape you eyebrows!
Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 until you are done!
Step 7: Once you are done wash lid out so you dont have any batricia growing and so that your pigment doesnt become "Gross."

How to apply as a lip tint:
Step 1: Pour or scoop a little bit of pigment onto  the lid of your jar.
Step 2: Get a lip brush or any type of brush or Q-tip so you can apply the color.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of moister on your tips (chapstick).
Step 4: Use our applicator brush and dip in your pigment.
Step 5: Apply pigment on lips for color until you are satisfy!
Step 6: Repeat 4-5 until done!

How to apply as a lip plumper:
Step 1: Pour or scoop a little bit of pigment onto  the lid of your jar. (NOTE: Shimmers)
Step 2: Get a lip brush or any type of brush or Q-tip so you can apply the color.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of lipstick (Cream base lip stick is best to use!)
Step 4: Use our applicator brush and dip in your pigment.
Step 5: Apply pigment on the middle of your lips and fan out lightly to edge. (NOTE: Don't apply a lot to the edges mostly work on the midde portons of your upper and bottom lip.)
Step 6: Repeat 4-5 until done!

How to make your color nail polish:
Step 1: Get either a clear or white base nail polish of your choice.
Step 2: Get a small size funnel that will be able to help pour pigments into the nail polish.
Step 3: Prepare funnel so you can pour your pigments
Step 4: Get pigment and scoop in small bits first. (NOTE: Start of small and work your way, you can always add color, you can't take away!)
Step 5: Remove funnel and close nail polish and shake well!
Step 6: Keep Repeating steps 3-5 until it is the color you want!

If you try any of these out I would love to see your response and pictures of your finished look!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vampire Daires MakeUp Turtorial

So their is a TV show on our CW channel where I live called "Vampire Daires" It kinda has the same theme going on like "Twilight" but more realistic, and instead of the wolf in love with the main girl, it's the Vampire Brothers that are in love with the same girl who looks like a fellow lady from their past. But she is the dople ganiner. Of course there is lots of drama, killings, love...etc. But I LOVE THAT SHOW! So I was sitting watching the end of the last season of season 2. Where I noticed that all the girls have the same makeup!

Here is a picture of only PART of the cast of Vampire Diaries. (My favorite Actor is missing! =(  ) 

But if you have watched the Seasons, take a look how their makeup is pratically all the same! Elena, Caroline, and Jenna really basically match! Bonnie is the only odd ball but that is becuase she has a darker skin tone so her eyeshadow almost is like a dark brown smokey look! I dont have pictures of the turtorial but I have something better! A video! Check out the video turtorial that I have come up with using eyeshadows from my NemesisCollection!

Colors used in the video are:
Beige (or your skin tone color for a base[Shmmery])
Chocolate Fudge (crease [Matte])
Black soft Eyeliner Pencil

Note: Here is my favorite actor from Vampire Diaries, Isn't he HOT! =P
Ian Somerhadler
vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries Damon And
You should see his bad boy side in Vampire Daires! =P

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update ONE - Sunset Limited Edition Collection

So as you all know by now Im coming up with a Limited Edition Collection called Sunset. Well right now I can say that I have the BEST by far most awesome-ist ORANGE! Orange has been in the making for awhile. One of the hardst colors to make. If you add to much red, its to much of a "Burnt Orange" To much yellow, looks a bit peachy. I have made a lot of baches of oranges through out my company. Here are the oranges that I have soo far!

    Lets Tango!
    Here is my first ever oange, this orange came out
    like how I mention its a "Brunt Orange." I love this
    color for natural looks just to change it up a bit!

Juicy Mango!
Now here is the color orange that is lighter and sudle-er.
Great color to soften up edges!  

And Newly Added!
Please excuse the picture! The
lighting and colors I used for the other
pictures has broke! (Lighting was a
LED lighted man that moved! =P )
Picture will be updated once he gets
fixed! lol Anywho, now this is the color
that is Great! Because somehow this
color you can really see the blends of the
Coral tones into the shimmering yellow!

Now the Orange I have made for my new and FIRST collection, is the most perfect orange EVER I even fell in love with it because this orange pratically matches the Sunset Inspired photo! lol You will have to see once the collection is finished and coming out! Which will be soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunrise - Limited Edition Set 2011 - NemesisCollection

Nothing is more beautiful and more passionate about waking up in the morning watching a Sunrise! Beautiful colors come about over the mountians that are around us where I live and the warm weather of the Summer that is now coming! Thanks to a wonderful decated customer; Jezzika, I asked her to name a new Limited Edition Set in 2011, called "Sunrise". When I say Limited, I mean it. Their will be only maybe 2-3 Sets of this Collection! So watch out soon, for it will come!

Inspiration Photo:
Note: This photo was not taken by me, it was from a photo in Google Images.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

NemesisCollection Owners - Top 10

NemesisCollection is mostly known for its Highly-Pigmented Mineral Eyeshadows. As our saying goes "High-Quality Make-Up Anyone Can Afford"

Here are just some of my personal favorites! I have tons of them but here are my Top 10 Mineral Eyeshadows that I love! No paticular order, just me listing my Top 10 =)

Grabber Blue
This color was an inspiration of my favorite car in the world! My Mustang GT. Ford came out with a new color called "Grabber Blue" hence the name of my eyeshadow. =)

This color is one word, "Amazing". Just like its name "Chameleon" this color changes, from natural brown tones, to purple shimmers. I was never a fan of browns until this color! This is one of my most popular colors sold. =)

Rocker Blue
Rocker Blue is Great for my Rockers! =P BUT You don't have to be a rocker to own this! Do you love the Smoke'y Looks? Well add some color to it instead of the black and grey shades. My Rocker Eyeshadows where design mostly for Smoke'y looks but with some color! I choose Rocker Blue as my favorite because I love the color blue. =P

Green Apple
Just like the name, Green Apple looks just like our Luscious Green Apples! (Just don't taste it, becuase I'm surely 100% positive it will NOT taste like a Green Apple lol) I just love using this for a rainbow look, or just to add something special to a green smoke-y eye in the tearduct! 

Pacific Paradise 
Pacific Paradise is like your blue-ish teal color. When I went on vacation in Florida when I was younger, the ocean was beautiful! Where I live its the desert. When this color was made, it was a flash back to my vacation in Florida which was a total Paradise! =)


Aurora, Top Favorite PURPLE! Sadly this is the LAST ONE! Long story short, a red I used to make this color has discounted, but a new Aurora is in making to try and match it as close as I can. How this color was named brings a story to my heart. I found a family of German Shepard pupps that got washed away from a storm, only had one girl, I named her Aurora. Since purple is a girly color and this color is sooooo Pretty! It reminded me of my pup Aurora =) 

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl! I NEVER wear pink, but this color was inspired about my life. I'm a girl that is in Karate, and into getting dirty riding ATV's in the mud and racing. This pink does not say "HELLO IM PINK" It's a pink that is very sudle.


When Amethyst came to my mind, I think of the gem. The way the Amethyst Gem sprakles and the darkness reminds me of this Mineral Eyeshadow.

Sandy Beach

 Love to go to the beach? Wish you could take it home with you? Well now you can! =P Sandy Beach reminds me just like its name says. Now you just have to wish you could put your toes into it! hehe =P Very Natural color and a start! I think this color is great for daughters that are now just being let into wearing makeup that mommie would let the wear! =P


Millionaire! Wish you could be one? I know I do! This color is great for you to shake your money maker! lol Something about this green is what I love. Cant excatly put my finger on it but I love it soo MUCH!

Well this is my Top 10
Very hard to choose because I love sooo many!
I'll type to you guys soon! =)

NemesisCollection - The Beginning


I am the owner of NemesisCollection! Just a little about me:

As a child I LOVED Make-Up. Christmas I would always want those make-up sets that Walmart sells. Halloween was a favorite because you can throw as much make-up on and it would be fine! =P You have sooo many creative designs. Once Lady GaGa came out I fell in love! I did lighten bolts on my face as well!  even went to a banquet with a lighting bolt on my face. I just love the creativity! To me it's like Art on someones face! =) Inspired by so much; this was the start of my company. So much research with timing, school, and research on make-up on items I even owned, I started to make my own eyeshadows. My friends loved them and gave me the idea of selling them. This was when I was introduce to Etsy. Etsy is a shop where people who handmake items can sell them. Etsy also does Vintage items too! With money saved up on my own, I invisted in my own businesses. Right now I'm going to College and getting a business degree; once I'm done, I plan on becoming a professional make-up artist. But all will take time. 

NemesisCollection was opened in Feb, 2011
Right now 5/22/2011;We have just sold over 100 items from my shop.

I do Giveaways and Sales, to my wonderful great customers! =)

Thank You!
P.S. This is my first time blogging, new to this... but hope you all will love and like!