Sunday, May 22, 2011

NemesisCollection Owners - Top 10

NemesisCollection is mostly known for its Highly-Pigmented Mineral Eyeshadows. As our saying goes "High-Quality Make-Up Anyone Can Afford"

Here are just some of my personal favorites! I have tons of them but here are my Top 10 Mineral Eyeshadows that I love! No paticular order, just me listing my Top 10 =)

Grabber Blue
This color was an inspiration of my favorite car in the world! My Mustang GT. Ford came out with a new color called "Grabber Blue" hence the name of my eyeshadow. =)

This color is one word, "Amazing". Just like its name "Chameleon" this color changes, from natural brown tones, to purple shimmers. I was never a fan of browns until this color! This is one of my most popular colors sold. =)

Rocker Blue
Rocker Blue is Great for my Rockers! =P BUT You don't have to be a rocker to own this! Do you love the Smoke'y Looks? Well add some color to it instead of the black and grey shades. My Rocker Eyeshadows where design mostly for Smoke'y looks but with some color! I choose Rocker Blue as my favorite because I love the color blue. =P

Green Apple
Just like the name, Green Apple looks just like our Luscious Green Apples! (Just don't taste it, becuase I'm surely 100% positive it will NOT taste like a Green Apple lol) I just love using this for a rainbow look, or just to add something special to a green smoke-y eye in the tearduct! 

Pacific Paradise 
Pacific Paradise is like your blue-ish teal color. When I went on vacation in Florida when I was younger, the ocean was beautiful! Where I live its the desert. When this color was made, it was a flash back to my vacation in Florida which was a total Paradise! =)


Aurora, Top Favorite PURPLE! Sadly this is the LAST ONE! Long story short, a red I used to make this color has discounted, but a new Aurora is in making to try and match it as close as I can. How this color was named brings a story to my heart. I found a family of German Shepard pupps that got washed away from a storm, only had one girl, I named her Aurora. Since purple is a girly color and this color is sooooo Pretty! It reminded me of my pup Aurora =) 

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl! I NEVER wear pink, but this color was inspired about my life. I'm a girl that is in Karate, and into getting dirty riding ATV's in the mud and racing. This pink does not say "HELLO IM PINK" It's a pink that is very sudle.


When Amethyst came to my mind, I think of the gem. The way the Amethyst Gem sprakles and the darkness reminds me of this Mineral Eyeshadow.

Sandy Beach

 Love to go to the beach? Wish you could take it home with you? Well now you can! =P Sandy Beach reminds me just like its name says. Now you just have to wish you could put your toes into it! hehe =P Very Natural color and a start! I think this color is great for daughters that are now just being let into wearing makeup that mommie would let the wear! =P


Millionaire! Wish you could be one? I know I do! This color is great for you to shake your money maker! lol Something about this green is what I love. Cant excatly put my finger on it but I love it soo MUCH!

Well this is my Top 10
Very hard to choose because I love sooo many!
I'll type to you guys soon! =)

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