Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vampire Daires MakeUp Turtorial

So their is a TV show on our CW channel where I live called "Vampire Daires" It kinda has the same theme going on like "Twilight" but more realistic, and instead of the wolf in love with the main girl, it's the Vampire Brothers that are in love with the same girl who looks like a fellow lady from their past. But she is the dople ganiner. Of course there is lots of drama, killings, love...etc. But I LOVE THAT SHOW! So I was sitting watching the end of the last season of season 2. Where I noticed that all the girls have the same makeup!

Here is a picture of only PART of the cast of Vampire Diaries. (My favorite Actor is missing! =(  ) 

But if you have watched the Seasons, take a look how their makeup is pratically all the same! Elena, Caroline, and Jenna really basically match! Bonnie is the only odd ball but that is becuase she has a darker skin tone so her eyeshadow almost is like a dark brown smokey look! I dont have pictures of the turtorial but I have something better! A video! Check out the video turtorial that I have come up with using eyeshadows from my NemesisCollection!

Colors used in the video are:
Beige (or your skin tone color for a base[Shmmery])
Chocolate Fudge (crease [Matte])
Black soft Eyeliner Pencil

Note: Here is my favorite actor from Vampire Diaries, Isn't he HOT! =P
Ian Somerhadler
vampire diaries damon pics. Vampire Diaries Damon And
You should see his bad boy side in Vampire Daires! =P

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