Sunday, May 22, 2011

NemesisCollection - The Beginning


I am the owner of NemesisCollection! Just a little about me:

As a child I LOVED Make-Up. Christmas I would always want those make-up sets that Walmart sells. Halloween was a favorite because you can throw as much make-up on and it would be fine! =P You have sooo many creative designs. Once Lady GaGa came out I fell in love! I did lighten bolts on my face as well!  even went to a banquet with a lighting bolt on my face. I just love the creativity! To me it's like Art on someones face! =) Inspired by so much; this was the start of my company. So much research with timing, school, and research on make-up on items I even owned, I started to make my own eyeshadows. My friends loved them and gave me the idea of selling them. This was when I was introduce to Etsy. Etsy is a shop where people who handmake items can sell them. Etsy also does Vintage items too! With money saved up on my own, I invisted in my own businesses. Right now I'm going to College and getting a business degree; once I'm done, I plan on becoming a professional make-up artist. But all will take time. 

NemesisCollection was opened in Feb, 2011
Right now 5/22/2011;We have just sold over 100 items from my shop.

I do Giveaways and Sales, to my wonderful great customers! =)

Thank You!
P.S. This is my first time blogging, new to this... but hope you all will love and like!

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