Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update ONE - Sunset Limited Edition Collection

So as you all know by now Im coming up with a Limited Edition Collection called Sunset. Well right now I can say that I have the BEST by far most awesome-ist ORANGE! Orange has been in the making for awhile. One of the hardst colors to make. If you add to much red, its to much of a "Burnt Orange" To much yellow, looks a bit peachy. I have made a lot of baches of oranges through out my company. Here are the oranges that I have soo far!

    Lets Tango!
    Here is my first ever oange, this orange came out
    like how I mention its a "Brunt Orange." I love this
    color for natural looks just to change it up a bit!

Juicy Mango!
Now here is the color orange that is lighter and sudle-er.
Great color to soften up edges!  

And Newly Added!
Please excuse the picture! The
lighting and colors I used for the other
pictures has broke! (Lighting was a
LED lighted man that moved! =P )
Picture will be updated once he gets
fixed! lol Anywho, now this is the color
that is Great! Because somehow this
color you can really see the blends of the
Coral tones into the shimmering yellow!

Now the Orange I have made for my new and FIRST collection, is the most perfect orange EVER I even fell in love with it because this orange pratically matches the Sunset Inspired photo! lol You will have to see once the collection is finished and coming out! Which will be soon!

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